Travel Industry

The Travel industry is growing with the adoption of new technologies. Adaptation with the new generation of computers and use of various new technologies has strengthened its growth trajectory.

Information technology has enabled the travel industry to develop applications and store a large amount of data in a more organized way. Use of internet, GDS, XML and API integration are helping in a great way to connect a large number of customers providing them an easy access.

The Internet has emerged as a potential to communicate information in the form of texts, messages and graphics. Customers can easily book air tickets, rental cars and train tickets through online booking facility offered by the travel tech solution companies is a big contribution for it.

Online booking is leading the growth of the industry up to a new high. It has enabled the visitors to book rental cars, air tickets, hotel rooms, bus tickets and holidays from the safest corner of their home or anywhere else. Prior to online booking, people used to stand in a queue in front of the ticket counter for hours for booking. But, with the introduction of the online booking the time-consuming and tiring process of offline booking has come to an end. Visitors are paying online and generating receipts also.

Online booking renders a facility to book a car from an array of luxury cars. Customers choose the vehicle of the perfect color, size, make and model. They are left with the options to modify the bookings, cancelation of booked cars or airline tickets also.

Use of email service has closed the gap between the customers and the industry. Email and SMS gateways have facilitated to instant delivery of the messages within a few seconds, reducing the booking process time and confirmation.

Also, travel agents and tour companies are getting financial benefits using the internet through email and SMS services. Delivering a message through email and SMS is not only a time-saving process but also much cheaper than telephones and conventional marketing.

Integration of GDS, XML, API and Web services have paved the way to grow more potential. Integrating the Global Distribution System has enabled the travel companies and tour operators to connect and reach numerous customers through online. It serves quick information regarding inventories, availability of the rooms in the world-class hotels and availability of the luxury rental cars.

Integration of XML and API integration services would help to store and arrange data coming from car rental companies, hotels and airlines in a more structured and organized way so that customers can get access to the required information easily.

Growth of Travel Industry due to Information Technology

Basis Of What Makes Interstellar, Inter-Solar System And Inter-Galactic Travels Possible

The basis of what makes interstellar, inter-solar system and inter-galactic travels possible in a nut shell is simple: the non-resistance to the speed of a space craft’s velocity in the near flawless vacuum of interstellar, inter-solar system and inter-galactic space mediums. Each one is at the point of 0% empty. The interstellar medium (ISM) have inhomogeneously approximately 2 atoms per cubic inch and approximately 900-1,000 talcum sized particles per cubic mile. The inter-solar system medium (ISSM) have inhomogeneously approximately 5-100 particles per cubic centimeter generally. The inter-galactic medium (IGM) has inhomogeneously approximately one atom per cubic meter (per cubic 40 inches).

This makes the IGM more of a vacuum than the IM and makes the IM more of a vacuum the ISSM. The ISSM, ISM and IGM at the base itself is what makes space travel possible. Without non-resistance to a craft or projectiles speed or velocity all three (ISST, IT, IGT) forms would be impossible. The drag from over abundance of material in space would slow down and stop any craft. It would be equal to an atmosphere. But since space is a near flawless vacuum there’s for all practical and pragmatic purposes 0% drag for any craft or projectile.

This is for billions, trillions, quadrillions, quintillions, sextillions or more miles. Which is 0% drag. And this and this alone makes space travel possible: the near total flawless vacuum of space and the non-resistance to space crafts speeds because of the 0% drag in space. Here’s something that’s going to seem odd to the listener. Because space is a near flawless vacuum offering 0% drag on a craft or projectile then: IT and IGT has been possible with un-crewed or un-humaned space craft since 1965-1970. When humans could accelerate a system up to 10 miles/sec. That’s right: 1965-1970.

Why? Because regardless of the distance to travel or the travel time of a system (100,000-100,000,000 years) a system could always have been sent and on its way on a one-way trip. But humans want the impossible. They want to send humans on a an IT and/or IGT journey. And that’s not going to be happening utterly any time soon. It’s just that simple. ISST, IT and IGT are all possible for the same reason regardless of distance and travel time to stars and/or galaxies. And that’s because of: the nears flawless vacuum of space and 0% drag on a space craft.

Travel Services Company Need A Website?

Almost every conventional industry has moved to having an online presence in some form or the other. The travel industry is no different. In fact the “dot travel” domain name tld was one of the first new tlds to help identify the domain name and break away from the “dot com” convention. The travel industry depends on cross border lightning fast updates. This makes a website the most ideal backbone for connecting with the customer and passing on information as well as attracting new business. This article deals with why a tours and travel business needs a website.


With smaller travel agents and ticketing offices mushrooming, it has become even more difficult for a customer to decide where and from whom to make their next holiday bookings. A website can help a prospect to make or break that decision by giving them valuable tips and hints and indicate a field of specialization or expertise. Most countries offer a badge or title to people who specialize in their countries tourism. The best place to show off those badges is on your website. For Example Australia and New Zealand give “Aussie Expert” or “Kiwi Expert” badges to show off on stationary and websites.


For small businesses with limited scope and limited offerings, the website makes an ideal brochure which can be easily shared with prospective clients. Not only can you have the latest information with images and text, but videos of the tourist destination add a magic of their own. With technology to click panoramic images, you can greatly enhance the perception and excitement of the potential tourist.

Package Selectors

Websites can also include software or apps which the user can use to customize the pricing and features of holiday and travel packages. This allows realtime personalization based on budget, convenience, preferences and availability. The live availability of resources like airplanes, hotel rooms, boat rides etc. makes the booking experience more tangible and more visual for the traveler. This may help the decision making process of the traveler easier and more relevant.

Advisory and Updates

Travel Advisories, storm warnings, diplomatic or war related announcements and even terrorism related information often finds its way into travel websites which cater to specific geographies. A regularly updated website can be an ideal place to get information and updates about travel schedules and how tourism is affected in a specific region. This helps customers plan their trips or connecting journeys in advance.

Common Mistakes When Choosing Travel Insurance

Travelling is one of the best plans individuals make to help them get away from their work some time. In addition, travelling is also a good time to have fun with your loved ones. And, travelling can match your adventure needs. However, when planning a trip, most individuals are having a hard time most especially in terms of finances. Not to mention, individuals also need to complete travel documents. It is also best for individuals to opt for travel insurance.

Travel insurance can help individuals make their trip safer. Apart from that, unexpected accidents during the trip can be catered to easily with the right travel insurance. Unfortunately, some individuals make mistakes when choosing insurance for their trip, which can be stressful. To avoid these mistakes, below are some of the following.

Opting for price than covered services

One of the most common mistakes individuals do in choosing travel insurance is opting for the price than the services covered. Of course, individuals can find cheap insurance, but cheap insurance only cover minor issues. Because of this, the travel insurance cannot suffice your needs which can be a waste of finances.

Indicating wrong information

Another common mistake individuals make when getting insurance is indicating wrong information. Some insurance plans can provide you with special promos, but indicating the wrong information can result in denial of services. So, it is best to answer all questions truthfully and call back if you need to verify any information.

Unexpected additional trips

When travelling to another place or country, some individuals make additional trips to their schedule. Surely, there are cases when these unexpected trips are created which can be fun, but this may affect the insurance. Thus, it is best to call the insurance company before the expiry date of the policy and ask if you are able to extend the coverage.

Neglecting trip interruptions

When travelling, there are numerous issues that can interrupt the trip. Therefore, you need to consider all these interruptions when opting for travel insurance since some insurance plans will not cover unexpected changes in your vacation plan such as staying in another hotel which is not indicated in your plan.

Not reading the contract

Finally, it is also important to read the contract. This will help you learn more about the services covered by the insurance. In addition, reading insurance can also help you make sure that you have chosen the right insurance for your trip.